Why Jenerosity?


Having spent over 20 years in the licensing, promotions and entertainment marketing worlds, Jenerosity Marketing has been on all sides of the equation, from selling licenses to manufacturers and retailers to selecting brands for promotional use. This well-rounded expertise provides Clients with a 360-degree program perspective.


Jenerosity Marketing keeps up to date on new technologies and innovations so that you don’t have to. We possess an uncanny ability to identify new and unique opportunities that will allow you to promote your products and programs to potential consumers in a way that grabs their attention resulting in action.


We are “people collectors” and we consider our partners to be our friends.  We also thrive on helping other people connect.  With an extensive network throughout the licensing and promotional industries, we can help you gain access almost anywhere you desire to be.

Customer Service

At Jenerosity Marketing, we genuinely care about you and your business. As a result, exceptional service, ethics, integrity and open communication are paramount. Our work ethic is unrivaled with impeccable follow-through, persistence and determination and we hold ourselves up to these high standards all while maintaining a positive, enthusiastic and can-do attitude.