Jen Kramer (Principal)

With 20+ years in the licensing, promotions and entertainment marketing business, Jen Kramer has worked with some of the largest, most powerful companies in the world.From Hearst Magazines, where she managed licensing programs for House Beautiful at Walmart and Country Living at QVC and launched a TV show under the Popular Mechanics for Kids brand to The itsy bitsy Entertainment Company where she reinvigorated the Eloise brand and handled a wide variety of licensed categories for Teletubbies and Noddy, she has worked in virtually every category including toys, apparel and accessories, publishing, social expressions and grocery.Jen has a complete understanding of the toy and premium manufacturing process due to many years at Avon and PPW where she and her team developed fun, innovative and interactive playthings for children of all ages. Jen also spent a couple of years managing Burger King’s kids’ meal calendar and spearheading entertainment marketing initiatives for other agency Clients such as Embassy Suites, Lee Jeans, Macy’s and Winn Dixie.

Most recently, Ms. Kramer expanded and honed her digital skills at the premiere social engagement marketing company, SocialVibe (now, true[X] media, owned by 21st Century Fox), where she drove new business development and research and strategy.