Business Development

With over ten years of experience in business development across a variety of categories, we have the mindset, vision and initiative to identify and execute new opportunities to help drive your business forward.


From partner identification and out-reach to contract negotiation and product development, we have mastered the process of licensing both from the perspective of the licensor and the licensee to develop programs and products that accurately reflect and extend your brand.

Promotions and Entertainment Marketing

Having worked for major Fortune 500 companies like Burger King and Embassy Suites, we have the contacts, experience and resources you need to plan, negotiate and execute entertainment-based, third-party promotions that will positively impact your bottom line.

Digital Marketing/Advertising

Being fully immersed in the digital space, we boast a complete understanding of the digital landscape from social media to digital distribution and have the know-how and expertise to develop marketing programs to ensure maximum consumer awareness and interaction.