Why Companies are Engaging Mobile Marketing, and Why Yours Should, Too

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Today, we thank Sophorn Chhay for his guest post on the value of mobile marketing!


Likely, your customers already have mobile devices. They’re probably use them daily, too. Reportedly, as many as 79 percent of shoppers state they’ve relied on SMS opt-in services to make purchasing decisions.

Consumers are always connected, and they’re engaging the marketing channel on multiple levels. Because mobile technology is always growing, the consumer’s ability to make instantaneous connections, land great deals and communicate with business providers has reached unprecedented heights. Now, more than ever before, companies need to embrace the change. A few big industry changes have happened, and marketers are urged to adopt mobile to access them on every front:

Marketing Automation is Reducing Expenses

As a business provider, it’s your duty to reduce expenses where possible. Automated mobile marketing platforms are here, and they’re increasing brand ROI while creating intuitive consumer relationships. New, innovative marketing automation software lets companies accomplish a slew of tasks automatically. Staff members needn’t perform manual SMS send-outs anymore, they need only access a self-driven SMS system to save both time and money.

According to Hubspot, USC reduced their recruiting costs by 85%.

Customers are Relying on SMS Services for Deals

In fact, 79 percent of mobile users state their purchasing decisions are contingent upon SMS opt-in services. Because mobile coupons are always accessible, nearly all modern consumers have become “mobile bargain hunters.”

While the statistic might seem high, think back to the last time you’ve searched for a product review, or sought out a digital discount or even queried the mobile web with a “best place to buy” prompt. You’d be surprised by the number of consumers who preview store inventories before ever entering them.

Here’s an example of how AMC theaters use SMS mobile coupons to promote their deal.



















Image credit: http://localvox.com/blog/super-bowl-coupons-deals/

Mobile Search is Effective

SEO isn’t desktop-exclusive. Mobile searches are proven to be 70 percent more effective than desktop searches, making it the go-to platform for curious buyers. Consumers seeking goods and services now turn to their mobile web browser, linking them with the mobile marketer’s arsenal of astounding offers.



















Image credit: http://mobilemarketingmagazine.com/96860-2/

Mobile search similarly lines the consumer up for data tracking. Each aspect of a mobile device can be utilized to capture the buyer’s information-gathering habits, and mobile search, itself, is a collective of valuable information. The consumer’s prolonged brand engagement can be utilized for information, too, bringing fully personalized offers to the buying table.

Customer Loyalty Offers are Gaining Steam

For the longest time, marketers hungered for long-term consumer relationships. Now, mobile has made such lifelong relationships a mere accessory to brand involvement. In 2016, customer loyalty offers will become mainstream, and brands will be expected to offer consistent offers for long-term assistance and offers.

CiCi Pizza ran a great mobile loyalty program offering pizza perks and exclusive offers.











Image credit: http://aaronallen.com/blog/restaurant-marketing/mobile-marketing-examples

It might sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. Why? Because brands have lacked the component such relationships thrive upon: instant connectivity. In the past, consumers forgot about brands. They even forgot about future offers. Now, brands can be intimately tied to their consumers via mobile. Engaging loyalty offers are enticing consumer reaction on unprecedented levels, and they’re becoming a modern business cornerstone.


Millennials are driving the world’s mobile adoption. About 87 percent of Millennials keep their smartphones within an arm’s reach, and another 78 percent spend at least two hours per day on their smartphones. Another 68 percent view mobile engagement as highly personal.

Millennials are growing, too. Right now, they’re enhancing mobile marketing’s scope. In the near future, they’ll increase mobile marketing’s innovation. Millennials are about to become the industry’s biggest thought leaders, and they’re practically intertwined with smartphones.

A Love of All Things Personable

Mobile marketing has experienced recent privacy acceptance. Consumers have warmed up to immersive brand experiences, and they’re engaging opt-in services more than ever before. Now, any consumer seeking to opt-out need only say so. Fortunately, however, they’re beginning not to. Modern mobile consumers aren’t only accepting personal brand touches over mobile—they’re appreciating them.

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