How Valuable Are Your Vacation Days?

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We have written in the past about the importance of disconnecting from time to time. Napping, taking a walk, shutting off your phone after a certain hour in the evening are all great ways to avoid burnout. But what about those of you who never seem to take your vacation days? Are actually hurting your employer when you think you are helping them???













Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I took a REAL vacation!

Real as in “shut off my phone, stopped my email, escaped to a foreign country” vacation…

As a small business owner, was I concerned that there would be emergencies?

Yes, of course I was concerned.

But in advance of my departure I set up all my Clients to be able to handle any outstanding issues in my absence and provided emergency contact info at my hotel.

Plus, I knew that the more rested and relaxed I was on my sojourn, the more productive and effective I would be when I returned to the office the following week.

And man, was I right!

While in Mexico, I read almost nine magazines and two and a half books.

I watched a movie and the entire season of the new Netflix series, Master of None (check it out if you haven’t already; it’s hilarious!).

I also took a spa day and wandered about the town of Puerto Vallarta in the rain.

It was pure bliss.

And when I got back to the office, almost all of my Clients commented on how relaxed I sounded or looked!

On day one of my return, I had approximately 300 emails to weed through which I completed by mid-day Tuesday.

In the following few days, I was able to finalize a contract for one Client deal and efficiently move two additional deals forward quite progressively.

I felt so calm and refreshed after vacation that I achieved more in one week than I had in the entire month prior to my time off.

If that doesn’t speak volumes to the power of taking your vacation days, I don’t know what does!

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