Should Brands Take a Stand?

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During the last few weeks, there has been a lot of big news in the world. A mass shooting in Charleston, a ruling in favor of marriage equality and the upholding of Obamacare. As we read through our trade newsletters, we were struck by how many brands showed support or dissent for the current events and wondered if it was appropriate or even good business…

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In 2012, fast-food chain Chick-Fil-A took a public stand against gay marriage

Last year, Hobby Lobby won a court case that upheld their right to refuse coverage for contraceptives for their employees…

And in the past week or so, we have witnessed many companies showing their support for the Supreme Court’s ruling that homosexuals should have the right to wed.

Esurance even went so far as to create a 2½ minute online video that clearly celebrates every human being’s wedding dreams, regardless of sexual orientation.

After it was made clear that the massacre in Charleston was a racial hate crime, many companies eliminated the Confederate flag from their stores or products.

Apple has even banned some games that feature the flag from the iTunes store!

Depending on which side of the political spectrum you fall, some of these stances may seem logical or smart.

But it got me thinking…

Is “coming out” with respect to your political views good or bad for business?

Interestingly, in 2014, the CEO of Chick-Fil-A actually acknowledged that speaking out against gay rights was a bad business decision.

And I know MANY people who refuse to eat in one of their restaurants as a result of their political position.

But is it possible that even speaking out in favor of something that many deem “fair” (like marriage equality) could be detrimental to your bottom line?

After all, there are more red states in our nation than blue states.

And one could imagine that many in those red states may not deem marriage equality to be a given right.

Just something to ponder as a brand is making a statement on social media or elsewhere.

Maybe it is only a concern when the issue at hand appears to eliminate human rights, but I am not sure that that is the case.

As always, tell us what you think in the Comments below…

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