Will We Need Words in Ten Years???

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Recent technological advancements are a true sign of our mental advancement. Soon we will be able to control our entire environment via voice command. But our communication techniques appear to be going backwards…










Last week, I came across two separate articles in my trades that were all about Emojis!

Yes, you read that correctly, two stories about how we are now expressing ourselves via illustration.

The first article described the WWF’s recent campaign to enable supporters to donate funds by tweeting one of seventeen different endangered animal emojis.

The second article outlines how you can soon (tomorrow, in fact) satisfy your Domino’s pizza craving by tweeting a pizza emoji.

Earlier this year, Apple launched an expanded and diversified emoji library as well.

And who among us doesn’t know that their mom is texting due to the myriad of emojis at the end of the sentence?

So, what does this all mean?

Well, there are now studies being done about the use of emojis…

It turns out that texters who use emojis are more likely to be sexually active!

People in Finland are more likely to include emojis than in any other country (USA comes in ninth behind France, the UK and even Russia!).

Finally, and unsurprisingly, happy and sad face emojis are used more frequently than any other.

There are now over 800 hundred emojis in existence.

But it seems that different countries use different symbols in different ways…

Just like “long-form” language.

And some teens admit that they are starting to use emoji in favor of actual words.

So, I ask the question, are emojis a good thing or a bad thing?

Aren’t we kind of going backwards?

How can we actually communicate our most nuanced thoughts with pictures of ducks, ghosts and rainbows?

As always, tell us what you think in the Comments below…

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