A Guide To Digital Marketing Conferences for 2015

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This week, we have a guest post from Digital Third Coast outlining the top digital conferences . We hope that you find it useful!!!

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Digital marketing is an extremely collaborative industry, and plenty of SEOs, content marketers, designers, etc. are more than willing to share their tips and techniques with their industry peers. One of the best ways for a digital marketer to learn the latest techniques and digital marketing strategies is by attending a digital marketing conference, whether it’s a large conference covering a broad array of topics, or a small, niche conference with a very particular focus.

To help you get an idea of the conference opportunities that are out there, we have a guide to the 2015 digital marketing conferences across the country, categorized by conference topic and including the details you need to know before you book (such as price, location, and who attends). Here’s a quick overview of what our digital marketing conference guide shows.

For a general digital marketing conference, the Gartner Digital Marketing Conference in San Diego is catered to senior marketing professionals and executives who are looking for real-world advice and best practices from leading organizations. The Rocks Digital Marketing Conference, meanwhile, is for business owners in all industries, as well as brand managers and digital marketers. This digital marketing conference features over 30 speakers and more than 30 presentations, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

Content marketers will benefit from attending Authority Rainmaker in Denver, where content creators and digital marketers will enjoy focused tracks and incredible speakers. CONFAB, in Minneapolis, is a small, consistently sold-out conference addressing every aspect of content strategy for a varied pool of attendees, from content creators to librarians. Chicago’s Content Jam is a two-day marketing conference featuring experts in content strategy and creation, SEO analytics, promotion, conversion, and measurement.

Web designers have plenty of opportunities to attend An Event Apart, which is a series of conferences across the United States, from Boston to Seattle. This conference is one of the premier annual web design and development conferences, focusing on both the aesthetic and coding aspects of web design for attendees.

For an SEO-focused conference, consider heading out west. SMX Advanced and MozCon both take place in Seattle over the summer. At SMX Advanced, experienced SEO professionals will participate in fast-paced, Q&A-based presentations with innovative and controversial ideas. MozCon, meanwhile, is more accessible for SEOs of all levels, and even digital marketing specialists of all kinds. MozCon’s sessions are known for being both innovative and actionable.

No matter where your specific interests in digital marketing lie, there’s a conference out there that suits your needs. By attending one of these digital marketing conferences in 2015, you’ll improve your digital marketing skills while rubbing elbows with some of the smartest digital marketers in the country.

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