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On Sunday, February 15th, more than 22K people participated in the 2015 L. A. Marathon.  As my classmates and I gathered for yoga overlooking the marathon course, we watched the runners and commented on their perseverance. As always, it got me thinking about persistence and how important it is in business…











I started my new yoga practice at the beginning of the year.

Call it one of my New Year’s Resolutions!

As anyone who has done yoga knows, it is all about mind over matter…

You need to hold poses for a seeming eternity, engage in measured breathing and train your mind to continue even when your body thinks it is impossible.

With the runners outside and my own muscles screaming at me to STOP, I realized that it is very similar to starting a business.

Rumor has it that it takes two to three years for a new business to become profitable.

And the “getting there” can be very painful.

Not only do new business owners have to find Clients to pay the bills, but they also have to service those Clients once they have brought them on board.

It’s literally like having two full-time jobs!

And to say it can be overwhelming is an understatement.

Often times, not winning a particular piece of business has nothing to do with you.

The Client decided to hire someone in-house, they were looking for a differently structured service provider or they just couldn’t afford you.

But it still smarts nevertheless.

And you have to move past it to the next opportunity without taking it personally.

Not always an easy feat!

When starting a new venture, persistence is definitely the name of the game.

If one door closes, invariably another one opens.

You just have to find it and train your brain to focus on the opportunity and not the closed door.

And having faith that every experience is a learning one and that things do work out the way that they are supposed to will make it that much more possible.

What do you think are some other traits that are critical for an entrepreneur to possess?

As always, tell us in the Comments below…

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  • Deepak

    Yes your observation is very true in addition if one suffers financial loss in the beginning then there’s additional responsibility of loan repayment. In nut shell its constant dream chasing with fire on your back.

    • jenerositymktg

      Yes, but so worth it to be your own boss! Thanks so much for the comment, Deepak. Hope it is going well for you…

      • Deepak

        I am chasing dream that’s all i can say