What Do Mobile Payments Mean for Marketers?

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As the world goes more and more mobile, we have to recognize that this “migration” is changing everything from the way that we interact with one another to the way that we manage our finances.  In addition, it creates a great new platform for connecting with consumers…

Mobile Payments







A couple of weeks ago, I found myself disappointed to NOT be able to pay for something with my cell phone via Apple Pay.

I had gotten so used to doing so at Whole Foods that it was starting to seem natural.

If any of you have used Apple Pay yourselves, you know exactly what I mean.

No more scrambling through my purse for my wallet…

No more swiping, signing and waiting for a receipt…

Now, I just pull out my phone, hold it close to the credit card reader and place my thumb on the Touch ID button.

And it isn’t only easy, it’s safe and secure because no credit card information is transferred.

Now, to be fair, Apple isn’t the first company to roll-out mobile payments.

PayPal has had a mobile app for quite some time as well.

And they rolled out a similar technology to Apple Pay last summer.

But the real question is, what does this advancement mean for us as marketers?

Some pundits are predicting that the wallet is going the way of the dinosaur.

Which means no more loyalty cards, gift cards, coupons, etc.

In the future, we should be able to access all of these “shopping tools” via our cell phones.

I love when I am able to transfer my CVS Extracare points directly to my loyalty card.

Won’t it be great when I can transfer them directly to my phone and then use the same phone to pay for everything as well???

At this point, even my pictures are saved on my phone.

So long wrinkled class photo of my nephew stuck into a pocket behind my credit cards!

And as marketers, we should be looking for ways to maximize this new reliance on mobile devices.

Mobile coupons are on the rise.

Mobile beacons allow us to communicate with consumers when they are considering buying our products.

And new applications are being developed every day!

So, how are you using mobile to grow your business?

As always, tell us in the Comments below…

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