Back to the Future?

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While in NYC over the holidays, I kept having conversations with people about a new podcast that launched last October called Serial.  If you aren’t familiar, Serial relates the story of an unsolved homicide via a series of twelve installments released over time.  And people are absolutely hooked on it…

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Most of us listen to the radio.

Some of us listen to music and some of us tune into the news.

Others of us listen to podcasts like This American Life.

But Serial is different…

Serial is more like TV with defined “characters” and an on-going story arc split into actual episodes.

When I started reading about Serial, I thought to myself, “Wow, it’s just like the old 1930s radio shows that people used to listen to before there was TV!”

Which got me to thinking, is everything old new again?

As movie theaters switch over to digital projectors, a number of big-name filmmakers are fighting to retain the ability to shoot on 35mm film.

People are adopting e-books, but there is still a large market for the printed book.

When surveyed, tech-savvy teens seem to actually prefer tangible reading material over digital…

And, in the world of music where most people are currently downloading the latest tracks on iTunes, vinyl is also making a big comeback.

Most recently, over at Sony Pictures Entertainment, executives reeling in the aftermath of the major email hack picked up the phone when they had something to say!

So, what does this all tell us?

As great as technology can be and as vastly as it can improve our lives, maybe some things don’t need to progress…

There is a reason they are called “The Golden Oldies.”

I, for one, am still buying CDs and continue to maintain a land line!

Yes, they are old school, but they work just fine and if cell service ever cuts out in an earthquake I know that my loved ones will be able to call me.

What are some forms of “old” technology that you are still using?

As always, tell us in the Comments below…

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