Do We Really Need A Social Network to Just Say Yo???

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Lately we have witnessed a myriad of new social networking platforms each with special, specific purposes.  But are many of these new networks really necessary?  And honestly, what is the point of just saying “Yo?”









I am sure by now you have at least heard of the social network, Yo.

Just in case you haven’t, it is a platform via which friends can literally send a “Yo” (and nothing else) to one of their buddies.

To which, said buddy can simply reply, “Yo”.

You may wonder if anyone is actually using this app, but last week they announced additional funding from respectable sources.

And they apparently have had over 2MM installs to date!

Then, there is the parody platform, Yo Hodor which, if you are a Game of Thrones fan, will be immediately obvious to you.

(If not, click the above link for a good explanation that doesn’t need to be reiterated here!)

Even more recently, social network was teased. will solely allow you to send emoticons to friends and family… for those times when you are too tired to find actual words to express your thoughts.

And finally, Pixotale will allow you to take a bunch of pictures and post them with narrative on their platform to share a “story” with your contacts.

Hmmm, isn’t that just a blog?

Now, some arguments have been made that these platforms can serve a functional purpose.

For example, the creators of Yo are working to turn it into a notification system.

To which I say, doesn’t this already exist???

When my flight is delayed, I get a text from my airline.

I can’t imagine I would ever need a “yo” in addition to the basic information that I need to get to the airport on time.

So, my question is, why???

Why are people spending valuable time, money and energy building platforms that either already exist or that don’t really fill a need?

Is it a “If you build it, they will come” situation?

Create something and see if it sticks?  Even if it seems ridiculous?

I am afraid that we are going to see many more of these types of “novelty” social networks until someone creative and innovative introduces something truly meaningful and different.

Until then, what can I say, but Yo?

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  • Lezlie Hepburn

    Why not just text someone? This seems silly.