Mightn’t We Benefit More From Positive Content?

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As I near the end of my binge watching adventure through five seasons of Friday Night Lights, I am struck by how much I love the show.  It is a great example of a positive, inspiring man and how he teaches and serves as an example for his team…

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A few weeks ago at the broadcast upfronts, CBS touted their new show, Stalker, as the scariest show aired in the network’s history.

In the past 24 months, we have made The Blacklist one of the top new shows on TV.

The Following definitely has a strong following and Showtime’s new Penny Dreadful has had more press and excitement around its launch than Tide Pods!

But what about content that can actually result in people feeling love, joy or even generosity???

One of my favorite TV shows (which some of you may already know) is Parenthood.

Like Friday Night Lights, it is the ongoing story of a group of people (in this case a biological family) dealing with the highs and lows of life.

They help each other through tough times like cancer or separation, provide tough love when needed and are there even when someone “misbehaves.”

It is a great example of how people should treat one another in order to make this world a better place.

But sadly, Parenthood will soon be coming to an end.

Even though it has a rabid, actively vocal fanbase, NBC has deemed this coming season its last.

Meanwhile, shows like Project Runway in which the judges berate their contestants are entering their 13th season!

And this trend toward negativity isn’t just apparent on your TV set!

Hunger Games, a series of books about children participating in a competition to the death was the top-selling book series on Amazon, unseating Harry Potter!

The adapted movies were both in the top five films the years they were introduced.

Great stories, yes, but extremely morbid and violent.

And did you know that the 9/11 attacks closely followed events that occurred in a Tom Clancy novel?

So, as we learn of another shooting rampage in a school, mall or movie theater or one more bombing at a marathon or march, I have to pose the question, wouldn’t it be better if we supported more uplifting forms of entertainment?

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