Jenerosity Marketing Is Shutting Down…

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Two years ago, I decided to leave the world of bureaucracy and launch my own company.  My goal was to be able to make things happen and effect change…  To create licensing and marketing programs that would make a difference without being held back by red tape…  Today, all of that is changing!

April Fools Day





Many of you who know me well know that I love movies.

I have seen every Academy Award-winning movie ever made.

I have been mimicking Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind since I was in the single digits.

And I NEVER miss the Oscars if I can help it!

I also love acting and have been performing and/or studying acting for as long as I can remember.

My brother and I would even stage plays for my family members when we would gather for holidays and weekend getaways

Well, this past weekend, I got the news that I have been cast in my first big-budget feature!!!

I can’t give any details yet but, trust me, you know the director, my co-stars and the distribution studio.

It’s so very exciting, I can hardly contain myself.

And I am just DYING to tell you all about it…

But, I can’t just yet.

That said, as a result, I have no choice but to close down Jenerosity Marketing.

It has been SUCH an amazing year and I have appreciated all of your support so much.

My Clients – Crayola, Sizzle Promotions (with whom we plan the family calendar for Ovation Brands), Watermark Worldwide, Pixie Stuff, Out of the Blue EnterprisesMAJic Creative and others – have been extraordinary.

I couldn’t possibly have been luckier and am sad to have to do this.

But when Hollywood calls…

So, I have to bid you adieu and thank you again for all of your help and support over the past 15 months.

It’s been great.

Now, tell us in the Comments below how YOU are celebrating April Fools’ Day!!!

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