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There are a multitude of social media platforms from Facebook and Twitter to YouTube and Pinterest.  How do you know which one to use???

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Last week, a dear friend called me about a project she was working on that required her to identify examples of social media programs across each of the different platforms.

In discussing the project, we agreed that a successful social media campaign shouldn’t ever just run on one network but should be cross-promoted across as many of them as makes sense.

I thought it might be helpful to everyone to provide a couple of examples of campaigns that have done this successfully so that you can maximize your social media campaigns as well.

One of my favorite examples is the award-winning Dove Real Beauty campaign.

Generating over 163MM views on YouTube, the three-minute long Dove Real Beauty Sketches illustrated how women view themselves.

Not only did Dove place the video on YouTube but they also promoted it with paid ads and events on Google+ and Google Hangouts.

From there, it was placed on the Dove Facebook page where it generated over 1MM “Likes” and was shared by one in ten people!

Thanks to the earned media outlined above, brand impressions went through the roof and positive brand perception (also referred to as “brand passion”) was up over 1000%!

Had Dove just posted this video on YouTube and not promoted it anywhere else, it is questionable whether they would have received this kind of positive response.

Another fun example is the Old Spice Response campaign which also started on YouTube but quickly spread to more social media platforms than you could imagine.

An extension of a previous campaign, Old Spice (and their agency) wanted to create something that would be truly interactive to directly engage and influence consumers.

So, they asked consumers to respond to the Old Spice guy via social media, whereupon he would respond personally (again via social media) in video format.

In order to maximize responses, they engaged consumers on pretty much every platform imaginable from the usual suspects to smaller networks like 4chan.

The results?  Astounding!

Well over 100 personal video responses were created, resulting in 65MM video views with 5.9MM of them in the first day alone.

In terms of social media standing, the brand increased their Twitter followers by 2,700 percent.  And Facebook fans nearly doubled.

Overall, it is estimated that the campaign delivered more than 1B unpaid impressions!

But the key to this success was cross-platform sharing…

These are only two strong examples of brands that have used multiple channels to effectively promote their marketing campaigns.

Do you have any other examples to share?  As always, tell us what you think in the Comments below.

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