Are Teens the Holy Grail?

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For a very long time, Baby Boomers were the largest generation (now surpassed by the Millennials) and they are currently the generation with the most expendable income.  If this is where all the money is, why does everyone seem to care so much about attracting and retaining teenagers???

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In the last few months, there has been much hoopla made over the claim that Facebook is losing its luster among teens.

In addition, most of you know that Facebook made an attempt to purchase temporary image delivery service, Snapchat, for a hefty $3B.

And there appear to be lots of teens interacting on Reddit, Tumblr and Kik, among others.

But why is all of this so important?

We know that teens are a highly attractive demographic, but WHY?

Well, for one, teens are your future high-earning adults.

They are the ones that are going to go to college, graduate and hopefully make the money that you want them to spend on your product.

The idea of “cradle to grave” lives on even in the age of technology…

They are also the heaviest users of technology and digital products.

In fact, a full 95% of all teens are online either via computer or mobile device!

They are on their social platforms sharing, promoting your brand, interacting with your apps and ultimately creating the buzz that you want spread across the land.

And all for free, assuming that they actually like your brand. (But you’d better watch out if they don’t!)

Furthermore, quite often, parents will quickly adapt whatever tools their kids are using.

They want to know what their beloved offspring are doing with their free time – are they behaving or are they getting into something questionable?

After all, that is how Facebook grew so big in the first place, isn’t it?

Mom and dad spying on their children to make sure they didn’t get into trouble…

So, to summarize, teens are the “holy grail” because they are highly influential future consumers who bring the rest of the population along with them.

If you were Facebook, wouldn’t you be doing everything you could to keep them interested?

I know I would!

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