Whose Responsibility Is It Anyway?

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Increasingly over the past few years, I have noticed that society is quick to blame a corporation or an organization for issues or problems that occur.  I am truly starting to wonder what has happened to personal responsibility.

No more Kids' Meal toys







About three years ago, a law was passed in San Francisco that resulted in the elimination of free premium toys in fast-food restaurant kids’ meals.

When they initiated the proposal, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors claimed that the kids’ meal toys were causing childhood obesity.

More recently, I have been reading about a lawsuit against the NFL claiming that the league knew that repeated concussions were harmful to their players.

And we constantly read in the trades about the question of whether violence in movies and video games contributes to the seemingly increasing level of violence in our society.

Did you hear about the 8-year old child last month who shot their caregiver in the head with a firearm?

While these are all very unfortunate outcomes, I have to ask the following questions:



In the case of childhood obesity, don’t parents have the final say when it comes to what their children eat?

Are they so afraid of their children’s tempers that they can’t say no?

And who wouldn’t think that repeatedly ramming their head into another person who is very big and strong wouldn’t potentially cause permanent damage?

But to place the blame on the company doing the marketing or creating the content seems utterly ludicrous to me.

Sure, little kids don’t have the same judgment as adults do regarding what is good for them.

But they also don’t pull out their wallet to pay for the kids’ meal, video game or movie ticket either.

And the NFL certainly didn’t force those players to accept their millions of dollars in annual compensation.

That was most certainly a conscious decision they made after (I would hope) weighing the pros and cons of the offer.

It seems to me that rather than placing the blame on everyone else for the issues we face in our lives, we should start taking a look at ourselves and own up to our decisions and actions, for better or worse.

Otherwise, we could end up in an Orwellian novel where the government controls everything and we lose our right to make our own decisions.

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