Do You Doubt the Power of Social Media?

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The true power of social media is in connecting with others.  Be they friends and family, colleagues or customers, social media is all about engagement and building relationships.

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This week was a big week for me!

First, I was personally contacted by Facebook to see if I wanted to take advantage of a new service they are offering.

Next, I got an email from a marketing professional asking me if I would be interested in featuring a guest blogger on my blog.

Finally, a year-old digital startup in Sweden reached out to see if we could partner as I am putting together programs for my Clients.

Note that I did not reach out to any of these people but was solicited by them.

How did they find me???

Full disclosure – it turns out that the folks at Facebook constantly monitor their brand pages and contact their more active page owners to see if they can help them with marketing.

Smart and very effective, as I was more than happy to get on the phone with them to see what they had to offer.

The marketing professional must have seen my blog posts and in an effort to further extend his own/his Client’s brand reach thought I might be a good outlet for their content.

And Foap is doing their digital monitoring homework; I had shared an article about their service in my feeds and they reached out to see if we could benefit one another.

Now, I tell you all of this not to toot my own horn (though it is rather nice to feel so influential! LOL), but to illustrate the power of social media.

Facebook saw how active I was on their site, the blogger saw my blog posts and the startup connected on Twitter.

None of these connections would EVER have been made without social media.

And ALL of them could be extremely valuable to both me and my Clients going forward.

Still don’t think that social media is an effective communication and marketing tool?

I’d make a strong argument that you are wrong!

Tell us in the Comments about some of the connections you have made via social media…

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