Without Change, There Would Be No Butterflies

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I used to hate change.  Moving, looking for a new job, even changing drycleaners would fill me with a sense of dread.  Having entered the digital space, I have gotten used to things changing by the minute and have even learned to embrace it.








Butterfly Education and Awareness Day is held annually on the first Saturday in June.

It might seem like an odd holiday to focus on in a blog post, but I have a personal connection to butterflies.

You may have noticed that my logo resembles a butterfly and you would be correct.

You see, I love butterflies, but (as I stated above) I hate change.

In the past few years, however, I have started to reflect on and embrace the butterfly as a symbol to enthusiastically welcome change into my life.

And this has been a great thing for me!  As without change, I wouldn’t have started my own business.

Without change, there would also not be a digital marketing field for me (and you) to explore.

And without change and growth there could be no generosity (or Jenerosity as the case may be!).

I often talk to colleagues or friends who admit they don’t know much about digital or social media marketing.

I tell them to read my blog and follow my posts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

For one of our goals at Jenerosity Marketing is to help everyone embrace the changes and the innovation we are facing in the marketing (and licensing and promotional) world.

In the next 3-5 years, digital will be even MORE important (and impactful) than it is right now.

And everyone will be expected to know how to maximize these new and exciting and, most critical, effective tools.

It won’t be enough to put together a program and “let the digital team support it.”  The digital marketing support needs to be baked in at the beginning.

So what are you waiting for???

Come turn into a butterfly and embrace the changes that are coming.  It’s a very exciting future we are looking forward to!

What are your thoughts on change and the future of digital marketing?  Let us know in the Comments below…

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  • Jutta Harms

    I couldn’t agree more. Social media is a cultural change and needs a well planned strategy. To be successful it needs to be strategically done and involve upper management.

  • jenerositymktg

    Thanks for the comment, Jutta. I am so glad you agree!