What I Love About Licensing Show

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Though only held for three days during the year, what happens at Licensing Show can impact your entire merchandising program…

Licensing Show entrance


Anyone that knows me will tell you that I am crazy for Licensing Show.

The excitement when you arrive on the expo floor, the lights and sounds emitted by the major studio booths, the people waiting at the entrance to get into the event…

It brings me to life!

This year was the first year in over a decade that I was stationed at a booth and not running around the expo floor from meeting to meeting.

I was lucky enough to be supporting my Client, 4Licensing Corporation.

If you had a chance to stop by our booth, you would have seen a classic brand that we are going to be revitalizing (Artlist Collection: The Dog and Friends), an evergreen brand that we will be expanding (American Kennel Club) and a hot, new show that will be airing later this year on Nickelodeon (Rocket Monkeys), among others.

Thankfully, we had a full house throughout all three days.  Companies ranged from publishers and apparel manufacturers to promotional partners and property developers.

We pitched our brands and our strategies to potential partners and got pitched by inventors and creators who are looking for representation.

It was really exciting!

Which brings me back to my original point that Licensing Show can make or break a brand.

Everyone comes to Vegas looking for the next big thing.  And when they find it, they aren’t quiet about it!

And that is the goal, to create positive buzz and have it spread throughout the industry.

So, you need to have things in line.

They don’t have to be set in stone but potential partners want to know about a brand’s previous successes, the future plans in terms of distribution and marketing and the steps you are going to take to ensure that the brand is a success going forward.

Obviously, future success is impossible to guarantee but one can put plans in place to maximize the chances.

Today, these things include a complete social media and digital plan, retail and marketing support and a strategic roll out of merchandise.

All of which you want to address in your meetings on the showroom floor!

Of course there are other things that can make or break a brand.  Tell us your thoughts on the most important things to present at Licensing Show in the Comments below…


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