Actionable Tips for Successful Facebook Posting

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Did you know that only about 16% of your Facebook friends actually see a particular post?  And each post appears at the top of your friends’ newsfeed for about 3 hours.

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The average Facebook user has approximately 140 friends.

Imagine if each friend posted their status only one time each day – that’s 140 new posts each day!

With so much news from all those people appearing in your newsfeed every day, it makes it very hard to keep up.

And for brands, it makes it that much harder to connect to their fans.

So, what is a marketer to do?

Well, there are the basic “rules of thumb” for creating more successful posts:

  • Feature images or videos
  • Invite your followers to engage via open-ended questions or fill-in-the-blank statements
  • Keep your posts “bite-sized” and consumable
  • Provide info that is interesting and relevant to the viewer
  • Keep self-promotion to a minimum (usually following a 5-1 ratio of interesting info to self-promotion is recommended)

But there are also a number of other effective tactics to get in contact with your consumers as follows:

First, keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with re-posting a message over a period of time.  Chances are, the same people won’t keep seeing the same message but will see it at least once.

It is even acceptable to “recycle” previously posted content that is still relevant.

So, don’t be afraid to dig out and promote that old blog post or white paper when a new but related event occurs.

When posting things on Facebook, you can actually customize the distribution list of who is going to be served the post.  Make sure you are sending appropriate posts to the right people.

And of course, if you are open to paying money to reach specific followers, you can even maximize sponsored posts that are already going viral using a tool like Optimal’s News Feed Promoter.

What are some ways that you make sure that you are reaching your followers?  Please share in the Comments…

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  • Hah, you have opened up a hornet’s nest. For me, Facebook is on the road to killing the goose that laid the golden egg. I remember when FB instituted throttling last summer – and it is highly infuriating to me that I have expended energy building my base to 122,000 followers, only to have 15% reach for a post – and to pay at this point would cost me a $1000 for a single post, I believe. I do recycle good posts, I generally post about four or five posts a day – never without photos. Videos do better than just jpegs – but my longrange strategy is to get people to sign up, and diminish my reliance on FB.

  • jenerositymktg

    LOL, I hear you, Heathcliff. Edgerank can be VERY frustrating. I typically re-post everything multiple times as well to ensure that it gets seen. Do remember however that you aren’t relying on FB as much as using it as a tool for direct engagement and interaction with your fans. I have noted that you do get quite a bit of engagement and fan response which is terrific! 🙂