Would You Rather Watch an Ad on TV Than Online???

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I don’t know about you, but I never watch advertising on TV any more.  Thanks to the DVR, I can (and do) fast forward through them.  But if I see an ad online that piques my interest (or that gets me something I want), I am in…

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I recently watched a webinar that stated that consumers are more amenable to ads on TV than to video ads online.

I would posit that this is because people are simply still not accustomed to paying for content online.

Once they become more accustomed to it, I think they will accept advertising (or paying for the content) as the norm and in some cases even welcome the online ads.

For example, don’t you expect to see an ad before, throughout and at the end of a TV episode viewed on TV?

I know I do.  I consider it the price of being able to watch that content.

That said, right now, I don’t expect to pay for my news online.

But more and more newspapers and magazines present pay walls that limit the number of articles a reader can access.

Furthermore, there is generally a pre-roll ad on Youtube videos.  I don’t regularly hear people complaining about that, as I think people are used to that by now.

Before, almost everything online was free.  Now, websites are starting to charge for their content.

Are consumers just going to stop watching, reading, browsing?  I don’t think so.

And as many of you know, when I was at my previous company, we specialized in value exchange advertising which asks consumers to watch a “brand message” (read: rich media ad) in exchange for something they want.

This is becoming more and more acceptable, as illustrated in this article and this article.

If I was able to watch an interactive ad to circumvent a pay wall limit or to access more videos, I would gladly do so.

How about you?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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