Social Media Can Be a Positive Force!

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After the Boston Marathon tragedy, we see plenty of evidence that social media can, in fact, be used for good.

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Last week, I discussed whether or not social media is causing people to be less considerate of others.

This week, I would like to focus on some positive uses of the various social media platforms.

When two bombs went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon last week, many people were injured and in a few cases killed.

But the fear and sadness that resulted from the blasts wasn’t isolated to those running or to the on-site on-lookers.

The rest of the country (as is usually the case with national tragedies of this nature) looked on in horror, worrying about friends and loved ones on-site as well as the countless victims.

As illustrated in this article, when cell phone service was blocked to prevent additional bomb detonation, organizations such as MEMA communicated via Facebook and Twitter, alerting people to places they could find loved ones, help and shelter.

Additionally, runners in Michigan tweeted the hashtag #RunForBoston to rally support and to organize follow up marathons in honor of the victims.

And still others, like these Canadians, tweeted to let everyone know that they were OK and unharmed.

Beyond the tragedy in Boston, social media guru, Kristen Lamb, even used Twitter as a weather forecast tool to avoid getting killed during a tornado alert in Texas!

Furthermore, social media is also often used to raise money for charitable organizations via services like Facebook Causes and Make a Charity Tweet.

Of course, we have previously discussed how social media can be maximized in marketing and also in developing one-on-one relationships with your customers.

And as we will discuss in coming weeks, it can also be extremely helpful in measuring your online presence and consumer awareness.

So, while social media does have some downsides, there are also lots of benefits that we can look to when we start to feel frustrated.

What are your favorite positive uses of social media?  Please tell us in the Comments.

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