What Makes for a Killer Digital Promotion?

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There are so many kinds of digital promotions at this point, based on a wide variety of platforms, how do you determine which ones are winners?

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Today, there are a tremendous number of options in terms of mounting a digital campaign.

You can create programs on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, just to name a few.  You can also decide between online and mobile and between native web or app.  Choices, choices…

But more importantly, some of the main factors that determine “success” are the maximization of humor, technology and true consumer engagement.

In looking back over the past 12 months or so, four of my favorite campaigns are as follows:

1)      Stella Artois linked up with Google Maps and actress Alice Eve to allow consumers to send customized and geolocated “holiday e-cards” to their friends via Facebook.

Not only was this completely innovative but it’s sexy and fun to watch, especially if you live in a warm climate that doesn’t generally get snow.

2)      Everyone knows that the Super Bowl equates to great advertising, but in 2012 Coke brought it to a new level…  With game-watching bears.  Talk about engaging!

In this instance, the bears watched along with you, routed for the teams and even responded to the ads.  Consumers didn’t want to miss a moment, providing the soft drink manufacturer with countless interactions and true customer involvement.

3)      Terry Crews played along with Old Spice in creating a “muscle music” video in which he (literally) played music by flexing his muscles.

The best part?  Once the video ended, consumers could control Terry’s movements themselves by pressing various letters and symbols on their keyboards.

4)      And of course I am sure you heard about (or even followed) the Red Bull Stratos “space jump” that saw Felix Baumgartner break the sound barrier and flooded everyone’s social media feeds!


(And don’t forget to tell us about your favorites in the Comments below.)

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